Dainty Silver Memorial Bracelet
Dainty Silver Memorial Bracelet

Dainty Silver Memorial Bracelet

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Silver Dainty Keepsake Bracelet

Hold your loved ones close with our handmade keepsake jewelry🤍

Please refer to the "Sending Your Petals/Cremation" page for instructions on how to safely send your flowers.

The stone measures at 6mm in size, and is on an adjustable chain!

Please email me if you have any questions about the process!

My Story:

My name is Cam, jewelry has been my passion since I was a little girl making bracelets for my mom to sell to her coworkers.

In October of 2020 my family and I were devastated by the loss of my grandfather.

When my aunt gifted me a handcrafted necklace made from the flowers at his memorial, I was touched and heartbroken all at the same time, but in that moment it became very clear to me that making special memories like the one I received was my calling.

I promise to treat your loved ones ashes or flowers with the same care and respect that I would’ve wanted with my grandfathers, and I promise to go above and beyond to make sure every detail with your jewelry is perfect.

If you have questions or special requests please message me on my Facebook page at PetalsandKeepsakes or email me at petalsandkeepsakes.com and I’ll do my best to need your needs!