How to Order & FAQ


At Petals and Keepsakes, we create unique remembrances of loved ones who have passed. Here is how our process works:

  1. Choose a piece from our collection.
  2. If you have selected a ring and do not know your size,  you can run by a local jeweler to confirm your size before placing the order.
  3. Shortly after placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with the instructions for mailing your inclusions. You can preview the instructions here.
  4. Once we receive your package, it takes between 4-8 weeks to receive your order. The time frame varies upon the type of jewelry and our current order load.



Do you only work with ashes and flowers?  We work with ashes and flower petals. Most of our pieces can also be made with sand, soil, breastmilk, hair/fur, and cloth. If you have something you'd like to be included that is not listed above, feel free to email us!

What will my jewelry look like? We add a pearl white powder to the ash to create the unqiue white ash stone. Because ash comes in different colors, stone colors may vary. For the flowers, we preserve them to look as close to their natural color as best as we can.

Can I send multiple sets of ash/flowers to be included? Yes, you are more than welcome to send multiple sets of ash or flowers, or anything else you want included in your items. You can send a small pea size amount of ash from each you would like to include. You can also send multiple flower petals.

Can we ship internationally? We ship both domestically and internationally.

Can you create custom pieces? We do work with custom orders! You can email us and we will do our best to create your dream piece. 

How do I care for my jewelry? All jewelry will come with a care card. The jewelry should be stored in regulated temperatures. Although they are waterproof, I suggest removing the jewelry when showering or swimming to keep the stone safe from any harsh chemicals. For cleaning purposes, do not submerge the stone in jewelry cleaner, only use the cleaner on the metal.

How long does processing take? Please allow 4-8 weeks to receive your jewelry. Processing times vary upon the piece of jewelry , when the ashes are received, and the order load at the time. 

Returns/Refunds? Because or rings are personalized, we do not offer returns ore refunds on them. We would be more than happy to repair your items if something were to happen to them. Please email us if there are any questions regarding this.

What materials do you use? We offer sterling silver, gold vermeil, 14k gold filled, 10k gold and 14k gold! 

What is the difference in gold vermeil, gold filled? Gold vermeil is a form of gold plating or layering - over time this plating has a tendency wear off or tarnish. Because of this it is more affordable than gold filled or solid gold options. Gold filled items are made up of about 5% gold and tend not to tarnish - gold filled is a wonderful alternative to gold vermeil!