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Our Process

  1. Pick out the keepsake items you want and place your order online. We can create all items from ash, flowers, breast milk, fabric, hair, etc.
  2. Send us your inclusions. The order confirmation email will contain the instructions for mailing your inclusions OR you can find the instructions on our “How to Order & FAQ” page.
  3. We will send your completed jewelry back to you along with any leftover inclusions not used. You will receive an email when the order has been shipped with a tracking number attached. Turn around times vary between 4-6 weeks based on current orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are there any special care instructions or precautions to take when wearing cremation/memorial jewelry to ensure its longevity?

    Most of our items can be worn just like any other jewelry. We will send a care card specific to the item you order with detailed instructions of how to make your jewelry last a lifetime.

  • 2. What items can be added to memorial jewelry?

      We can add anything from ashes, flower petals, clothing, hair/fur, breastmilk and basically anything else small enough to fit in the jewelry!

  • 3. Are there cremation jewelry designs that are particularly suitable for men, and what materials are commonly used in crafting them?

    Absolutely! We have a mens collection listed above! If you don't see the mens options you're looking for, please send us a few pictures of what you have in mind and we should be able to craft it for you!

  • 4. Are there options for customizing cremation jewelry?

    Absolutely! Their are lots of options for customizations. We can dye stones any color you'd like, we can also use any stone of your choice, whether it be diamond, emerald, sapphire, etc.

  • 5. What options are available for creating pet ashes jewelry, and how can I choose the right one to memorialize my beloved pet?

    The options for pet ashes are the exact same as any other memorial jewelry. The answer is going to come down to personal preference. We offer a wide variety of rings, necklaces, and bracelets in various materials so that we have options for everyone! Every item we offer can be made with ashes!.

  • 6. How do I mail my inclusions?

    You can find the instructions on mailing your inclusionshere.
    You will also receive an email with instructions on how and where to mail your inclusions after your order is placed!.