Cremation Ashes Bracelet
Cremation Ashes Bracelet

Cremation Ashes Bracelet

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Dainty Gem Sterling Silver Cremation Bracelet

-stone size is 6mm / adjustable chain

How it works:

A beautiful piece to carry your loved one with you. Each stone is made from the ashes that you send, any ashes that I do not use will be safely returned to you with your completed order. 

I ask that you send 1/4 a teaspoon amount of ashes in a ziploc bag (if you're ordering more than 4 pieces of jewelry 1/2 a teaspoon will be enough).

Please put your name or order number on the ziploc bag or a note and place it inside the envelope.

If you would like to keep up with your envelope along the way, I suggest mailing it through the post office so they can give you a tracking number! That is optional and totally up to you.

The address to mail the cremation ashes to is:

Petals and Keepsakes

339 CR 506

Shannon, Mississippi 38868

Please email me at or click the chat button in the right hand corner if you have any questions about the process!