How much does it cost to make cremation jewellery?

Ordering cremation diamond jewellery typically involves the following steps, the prices can vary on many factors. So, exactly how much does it cost to turn ashes into jewellery? Typically the ash to diamond cost ranges between $70 and $2000+)

cremation diamond jewellery

Select a diamond: Choose the size, cut, and colour of the diamond you want to create.

Provide cremation ashes: Most companies require a small number of cremation ashes to create the diamond. Follow the instructions provided by the company to safely and securely send the ashes.

Design the jewellery: Work with the company to design the jewellery piece you want. You can choose from different settings, metals, and styles.

Wait for production: The process of creating a cremation diamond can take several months, depending on the size and complexity of the diamond. Many people wonder what human ashes are made of and what you can turn ashes into. Some also wonder why are cremated ashes in different colours. This does not at all affect how diamonds are made.

Receive the jewellery: Once the diamond is created and the jewellery piece is finished, the company will ship it to you.

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