Creative things to do with ashes

It is important to note that handling ashes should be done with respect and sensitivity. Here are some creative things to do with ashes- these are ideas for human ash and ideas for pet ash.


What can you make with ashes: 

Create a memorial diamond: Companies can use a small amount of the ashes to create a diamond that can be set into a piece of jewellery.

Incorporate ashes into tattoos: Some tattoo artists will mix a small amount of ashes into tattoo ink, creating a permanent and personalized memorial tattoo.

Make a painting: Ashes can be incorporated into paint, allowing for a unique and personalized memorial painting.

Create a sculpture: Some artists will create a sculpture or other art piece with the ashes incorporated.

Another cool thing to do with ashes is to turn ashes into fireworks: Some companies can create fireworks that incorporate the ashes, allowing for a spectacular memorial display.

Plant a memorial tree: Mixing ashes with soil can provide nutrients for a tree to grow. The tree can be a lasting memorial to the person who has passed.

Make a keepsake: Ashes can be incorporated into glass or resin, which all make for creative cremation ideas. 

Creative ideas for cremation ashes can be found all over and have become more and more popular over the years!

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