Sterling Silver Memorial Set
Sterling Silver Memorial Set

Sterling Silver Memorial Set

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Sterling Silver Keepsake Set (#D and #N2)

(stone size: 8mm, chain length: 18 inches)

How it works: 

I ask that people send the petals in a small box. You can get small boxes at places like Walmart, the post office, or just re-use one from around your house!

Loosely wrap your flower petals in a paper towel to allow air flow to the petals. 

Please try to avoid sending your petals in ziplock bags as moisture tends to get trapped in the bags during the shipping process.

Please write your name on a note and put it in the box as well so I know who to return the remaining flowers to.

Close your box and it’s ready to ship! (It only takes around 3-5 petals to complete an item, but send however much you’d like).

I highly suggest mailing your package via USPS with insurance and tracking.

Once the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email with the address to mail your envelope to.

Please email me at or click the chat button in the right hand corner if you have any questions about the process